Bladeless Cataract Surgery

Dr. Barbara Bowers was excited to be the first surgeon in Kentucky and the tri-state region to offer bladeless, computer-guided laser cataract surgery. This technologically advanced alternative to manual cataract surgery began a new era of cataract surgery innovation! You can now relax knowing that most of the important steps of cataract surgery are performed without blades and with unsurpassed precision!

Standard manual cataract surgery is a complex surgical procedure with an excellent track record for safety. Even in the hands of the best surgeons, there is some variability in how each step is performed. This variability leads to a variety of outcomes usually resulting in the need for eyeglasses following surgery.

With Bladeless Laser Assisted Refractive Cataract Surgery, a 3-D scan of your eye is obtained and a customized surgical plan is designed by the surgeon on the computer. Once all the specifications unique to your eye are programmed, a state-of-the-art LenSx Laser system uses a laser to perform each of the most challenging steps. The laser creates the surgical incision, treats astigmatism, opens the lens capsule to allow access to the cataract, and then breaks up the cataract for removal. All of these steps allow for more precise placement of the lens implant. To see a short video explaining the difference between traditional and Bladeless Cataract Surgery, click on the video.

After your cataract is removed, an intra-ocular lens (IOL) implant is placed in the eye to replace your natural lens.  This IOL can be upgraded to a Premium lens implant of which there are several options depending on your lifestyle.  These premium IOLs can provide freedom from prescription glasses and even reading glasses.  With TORIC astigmatism correcting IOLs and/or the LenSx Laser, your distance vision can be fully corrected meaning no need for prescription glasses.  Implanting MULTIFOCAL IOLs will allow distance and near vision without the need for glasses. The latest advancements in premium lifestyle lens technology provide enhanced vision quality and a full range of vision.  This gives you the opportunity to live free of glasses.

Cataract surgery is a short outpatient procedure and most patients return to their daily activities the next day.

The result? Optimized, customized vision without the need for glasses –– all with no needles, no stitches, no patch and no blades! To see a short video explaining the difference between traditional and Bladeless Cataract Surgery, click the video below.

Dr. Bowers has been performing premium lens surgery since 1998 and was the first surgeon in our region to offer this innovative technology when she moved to Paducah in 1999.  She remains one of the leading premium IOL implant surgeons in the United States.

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